High Volume Customer

A well know name within the supplements industry approached us to tender for business manufacturing vast quantities of tablets, to their specification, which they planned to purchase in bulk for packing at their own site.

Each tablet was made up of a complex blend of innovative ingredients, some of which were new to the market and very niche.
Due to the innovative nature of these tablets, our formulations, technical and operations team worked tirelessly to ensure that every element was workable and that we could guarantee the outcome before commencing production.

Each ingredient was carefully analysed and risk assessed to be sure that it could be blended, pressed and coated and that there was no allergen or possible contamination risk from the unusual ingredients.

Tablet trials were run to ensure that the formulations were viable and that they could be pressed successfully and subsequently pass our stringent friability and disintegration tests.  Following on from this, coating trials were completed. In some cases this involved working with numerous different coatings, each with different properties, to ensure that a good consistent coating could be applied to the tablet.

We have continued to work with this customer on numerous orders and built a strong working partnership where we work together on developments. This partnership has led to the development of some of the most exciting and innovative vitamin and mineral supplements on the market today.

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