Introducing EfferShield®

EfferShield® is new and innovative within the effervescent category, with its pioneering patent protected technology. It has a moisture resistant barrier which provides a stable base to develop & create exciting, new innovative formulations. The product stability supports a range of sustainable packaging formats, tablet sizes and shapes.

The Key Benefits of EfferShield®

  • Effervescent product formulations can be formulated to have a Low or Reduced Sodium Content (which is unlike most other Effervescent products currently on market).
  • Formulations provide fantastic tasting products in both tablet and powder effervescent formats.
  • Effervescent tablets can be formulated in a wide range of tablet shapes, sizes and weight – no longer are formulations restricted by tooling and tube sizes!!

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Options

Due to the nature of EfferShield® being flexible in production, this allows for the effervescent products to be packed in plastic free or alternative packaging options.  Packaging is not restricted to single use effervescent tubes, with new formats including convenient and other options:

  • Sachet
  • Pouch packs
  • Recycled containers in addition to conventional packaging.
  • Reduced pack sizes, suitable for subscription and letterbox delivery.

EfferShield® is suitable for various market opportunities including:

Developed and Manufactured in the UK

We are proud to be the sole manufacturer of EfferShield® and produce this in the UK with green technologies.

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