Great Tasting and Effective!

We are increasingly manufacturing chewable tablets, which come in a range of great-tasting flavours.

Solid dose tablets are not limited to coated or uncoated options. These are a good method of differentiating a product from some of the more traditional formats.

They are ideally suited to children’s or family multivitamin products, pregnancy and hydration formulations, single vitamin tablets, such as Vitamin C or D or on-trend beauty products.

We offer a great range of flavours, including:

Chewable tablets can be supplied in bulk for re-packing, or we can pack these in either tubs or blisters, if you let us know you require finished product in advance.

Customer care and quality is at the heart of everything we do

From manufacturing an existing formulation from our extensive portfolio to creating a unique and innovative new concept, the same level of detail goes in to getting the product right.

Whether you are looking for new product formulations or to wanting to rework existing products, our experience, quality and flexibility mean we are the perfect partner to create your nutritional supplements.