To Coat, or Not To Coat?

All of the tablets that we produce can be coated, if required. We simply take the uncoated tablet and apply a film coating.

Some customers may prefer coated tablets to uncoated tablets. Film-coating tablets give a smoother and slightly shiny appearance to the finished tablets, which may be preferable for aesthetic considerations.

Benefits of coating

Coating provides functional benefits too. Coated tablets may have improved stability due to the barrier properties to light, moisture and odour taint, as well as masking bitter or strong tasting actives. Many people find that coated tablets are easier to swallow, particularly for the larger tablets.

All tablets, whether coated or uncoated, can be formulated specifically to meet a customer request, or taken from our extensive portfolio of existing formulations. For more information on our formulations, or to find out about a bespoke development, please contact our friendly team.


Bespoke formulation creation by our experienced product development team.

Tablet Trial

Small scale tablet trial and testing to confirm new formulations blend and compress perfectly.


Ingredients of the highest quality are carefully measured, sieved and blended before being compressed.


Tablets are packed in your choice of tubs or blisters in cartons, before final collation to meet your transit requirements.