Supplements destined for International Markets

A European pharmaceutical market leader wanted a multivitamin product with wide ranging appeal but needed a cost effective solution for the price-sensitive target market.

The customer chose a comprehensive multivitamin tablet from our extensive catalogue of formulations.

The next aspect was to get the packaging right. The finished product was due to be packed in to tubs with a printed label applied. The customer had little experience with setting up labels for print and capturing the correct information. Our Technical team supported the customer with the provision of copy for the packaging and guidance on permitted label claims and subsequently checked the customer’s proposed label to ensure compliance.

The artwork supplied to us was not suitable for print. We identified a number of concerns with the print files and advised the customer on these. As the customer was not familiar with print requirements, we utilised the skill of our in-house design team to re-work the design files and artwork these to ensure that they were print ready. This ensured that the finished product label was correctly printed, met all legal requirements and was visually appealing.

Having achieved a great product for our customer, we then continued to work with them to put in place all of the relevant documentation so that our customer could export their product to their chosen market.

Having worked closely with this customer and given them the support and guidance to launch a new product in to their market, the customer is now in touch with us again about expanding their product portfolio with more products.

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