Smoothly dissolve on the tongue

Similar to chewable tablets, we are now able to offer melts to our customers. These utilise fast-melt technology to smoothly dissolve on the tongue.

Available in the same delicious flavours as the chewables, melts are the new delivery system designed to deliver enjoyment along with supplementation. Suitable for all ages (3+) dependent on the active content.  The great-tasting simplicity of this format makes melts ideal for those who may have difficulty in swallowing tablets.

Market-Leading Contract Manufacturer of Solid Dose Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Health Innovations (UK) Ltd specialises in the formulation and manufacture of solid dose nutritional supplements. We make in the region of 700 million tablets and 2-piece capsules for our customers world-wide each year!

Our team of experts have worked in the Vitamin & Mineral Supplement industry for in excess of 20 years, so have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this sector. We take pride in understanding our customer requirements and finding the right solution to meet their needs.

Our objective is to exceed your expectation through the provision of professional innovative solutions to your product development, technical and quality requirements.