Getting the product right for you!

Formulating an effective food supplement and ensuring that the blend compresses correctly is a wide-ranging process that requires a good knowledge of active ingredients, excipients, stability and manufacturing processes.

Beyond this there are further requirements, such as packaging specifications, legislative and consumer demands. Together, these make developing a high-quality nutraceutical supplement a challenging prospect, particularly where customers are new to the food supplement market.

The services that we offer are aimed at delivering everything needed to make your product a success.

We have worked hard to provide a number of flexible solutions designed to make this as straight-forward as possible with a ‘mix & match’ approach to our services.  This allows customers to access as much or as little support as they require.

Bespoke formulation creation by our experienced product development team.

Retail-ready packaging to meet your needs.

Ensuring that your product is compliant.

Technical dossier compilation for food supplements.

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