Bespoke or existing options!

Health Innovations (UK) Ltd is fortunate to be able to develop all formulations in-house in our laboratory with our highly experienced product development team.

They have the knowledge and skill to take an outline concept and turn it in to a marketable product

Our standard formulations

As we have developed a large database of formulations to work from, customers also have the option to utilise one of our standard formulations.

Due to our experience in solid dose formulations, our team inherently understand what will work first time and what is likely to need development. This knowledge ultimately saves our customers time and money when working on a project.

Bespoke product development services can be tailored to meet specific needs, but as a general guide these include:

Creation of new formulations bespoke to meet diverse specifications

Revisions or enhancements to existing formulations

Cleaner label alternatives for existing formulations

Alternative formats for new or existing formulations

Troubleshooting to identify workable solutions for complex formulations

Product sampling from trial to production size batches