Customer Entering the Supplements Market

A customer who was well known in the cosmetics market approached us to help them break in to the vitamins and minerals market. They asked us if we could help them to develop and launch a range of 5 targeted vitamin and mineral supplement products. The customer had extensive experience in cosmetics, but food supplements were completely new to them, so they called upon us to help and support them with their new venture.

From their previous business experience, the customer had built strong relationships with major UK retailers, so was confident of securing listings if they could get the product right. We worked closely with the customer to provide formulations to match the needs of their target market.

Having agreed on the perfect formulations, the customer then needed the assistance of our regulatory team to work with them to prepare the copy for the packaging, ensuring that approved claims were used and that the finished product would be compliant with legislation.

As the range was a premium offer, we also worked closely with the customer and our print suppliers to get exactly the right finish and level of detail that the customer required for their product packaging.

The end result was a strong range of products that had stand-out shelf appeal. Our customer managed to secure listings with several large UK retailers and has continued to work with us on other ranges for their brands.

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