Encapsulated Solutions

We have recently moved manufacturing of 2-piece capsules to our Group company, Vitrition.  Vitrition can encapsulate vitamin and mineral blends in to 2-piece (hard gel capsules).

These are ideal for products that require a more pharmaceutical look, or are not suited to tablet pressing.

Vitrition are able to fill size 00, 0 and 1 capsules and offer both gelatine and vegetarian (HPMC) options of capsule shells.


For 2-piece capsules, Vitrition can now accommodate volumes from 200,000 capsules upwards.  Quantities of fewer than 200,000 sizes for size 00, 0 & 1 capsules can also be produced.

Capsules can be supplied in bulk, or packed in to tubs or blisters, if required.


Bespoke formulation creation by our experienced product development team.

Tablet Trial

Small scale tablet trial and testing to confirm new formulations blend and compress perfectly.


Ingredients of the highest quality are carefully measured, sieved and blended before being compressed.


Tablets are packed in your choice of tubs or blisters in cartons, before final collation to meet your transit requirements.