Single or Multi-Active Variants Formulated To Your Requirements

Once the formulation for a tablet has been agreed, the manufacturing process begins with the procurement of ingredients. Health Innovations (UK) Ltd works closely with a network of leading ingredient suppliers to ensure that all of the raw materials that go in to our tablets are of the highest standards and that they have full traceability. These ingredients are then processed in accordance with the most stringent quality standards.

With multiple tablet presses, we have the capacity to press several different tablets simultaneously. Our tablet compression tooling is made to exacting specifications to guarantee that the tablets output are perfect in their size, shape and appearance.

We regularly produce tablets in the following shapes and sizes:

7.5mm Round

9mm Round

11mm Round

12.7mm Round

16mm Round

16mm x 7mm Oval

16mm x 9mm Oval

20mm x 8.5mm Oval

20.2mm x 9.8mm Oval

20.5mm x 9mm Oval

22.5mm x 9mm Oval

22.5mm x 10.5mm Oval

Some of the larger sized oval tablets can also incorporate break lines, if required. When the tablets are pressed, these can be sent out in bulk for you to package. Alternatively, we can package them in house, if you let us know you require retail-ready product in advance.

Customer care and quality is at the heart of everything we do

From manufacturing an existing formulation from our extensive portfolio to creating a unique and innovative new concept, the same level of detail goes in to getting the product right.

Whether you are looking for new product formulations or to wanting to rework existing products, our experience, quality and flexibility mean we are the perfect partner to create your nutritional supplements.